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Information products

Ingredients: 100% Korean-dried, carefully selected and processed.
Instructions for use: Use as kimchi salt seasoning, cooking, natural coloring for food
Made in Korea.
Classification: red powder
Store dry, cool.


Packing in bags: Bag 1Kg and 0.5 Kg

Packing by box: Carton (Carton with 10 bags)

Storage conditions

The product is stored at room temperature

Expiry date

The expiry date is 24 months from the date of manufacture

Product application

Chili powder is used to make kimchi, cook hot pot, and spicy noodles. . . . .

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 0945.803.982

- Product Name: Korean Cheng Jeong Fine Flakes Chili

Ingredients: Pure chili powder

- Uses: Chili powder is used to make kimchi, cook hot pot, spicy noodles. . . .

- Importing company: VIFOCO Import - Export Joint Stock Company

- Address of head office: No. 85, Nguyen Van Cu street, Hoang Van Thu ward, Bac Giang city

VIFOCO Import and Export Joint Stock Company imports beef seasoning powder that meets food safety requirements

-QCNV 8-2: 2011 / BYT: National technical regulation for limits on heavy metal contamination in food.

- QCNV 8-3: 2011 / BYT: National technical regulation with limits of microbiological contamination in food.

- Decision No. 46/2007 / QD-BYT dated December 19, 2007 of the Ministry of Health regulating maximum limits of biological and chemical pollution in food

We agree to fully comply with the provisions of the law on food safety and take full responsibility for the legality of the publication records and the quality and safety of food for the announced products.

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