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Exported 500 tons of potatoes to Korea

Vifoco Import - Export Joint Stock Company (Bac Giang City) is focusing on preliminary processing 500 tons of frozen whole potato (equivalent to 20 containers) to export to the Korean market. Potatoes were purchased in Bac Giang and Hai Duong.


The workers of Vifoco Import Export Joint Stock Company preliminarily process potatoes for export to South Korea

Products manufactured under VietGAP process, meet the quality standards required by the Korean market. Up to now, the unit has exported 300 tons of potatoes. It is expected that from now to the end of February 2020, 200 tons will be completed according to the signed contract.

It is known that in order to serve agricultural products processed for export, the unit has just invested tens of billions of dong to buy modern equipment and machines, most of the stages are switched to automation, thereby improving double the quantity of exported potatoes compared to the same period last year.

Currently, in addition to potatoes, the unit is also processing packaged cucumbers, sweet corn, etc. and exported to Germany and Japan; At the same time, preparing all conditions for processing dried lychee and other beverages from lychee fruit for export in the coming time.


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